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YEALM Community Electric Transport


Welcome to the 2024 Season!

We are proud to announce that EVY has been renamed “THE PAUL DARLOW” (TPD) after the late Chairman of YCET.


TPD the electric Water Taxi is now operational daily between 8am and 10am and 4pm until dusk


To complement the existing water taxi working between those hours (10-4), we will also be also be providing trips and offering people the chance to explore the reaches

of our wonderful Yealm River.

So if you want a water taxi or want to plan a trip on the river, please contact our skipper for availability and bookings:

Mobile:    07399 067942


VHF Channel: 69

We are on the water!

We are delighted to announce that we have launched 'TPD' and ready to take bookings for the 2024 Season!



“TPD” operates daily. Please contact us for availability.

As well as filling in when the existing ferry service is not operational, TPD will be providing educational trips up and down the river and offering people the chance to explore the reaches of our wonderful Yealm River.

Photo 07-05-2022, 11 01 36_edited.jpg


See below link for the Water Taxi zone map. River trips by arrangement.



Call to book on 07399 067942 


Who We Are

We would like to introduce you to Yealm Community Electric Transport (YCET), a not for profit Community Interest Company.

We aim to be commercially successful, making a small surplus, thus enabling us to make donations to local environmentally based causes.


Our Story So Far!

From an idea conceived around a table - in a barn in Feb 2020, there was a desire to offer the community an electric powered water transport service. We are now delighted to announce that the boat is now on the water and ready to take bookings!

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Our Aims

We intend to generate income by the provision of a water ferry/taxi service to visiting yachtsmen, locals, walkers along the Coast Path, private hirers to generate income. That income will be earned by the operation of an environmentally cleaner and quieter passenger boat service (not only those on the ferry but also other Estuary users on or off watercraft) . 
This will be on demand, when the tide and weather permits of course. You may see us on the river during the day, but this would be for longer educational or school trips and for the disabled to experience our wonderful river.

Any excess of income over expenditure will be directed towards:


  1. Individual environmental projects that have applied to YCET for Grant support and have been approved by the Directors and others co-opted onto a community benefit fund committee for that purpose. We will advertise for those applications once a year

  2. The funding of educational and recreational trips in the estuary for selected groups (e.g. schools, the elderly or physically or mentally disadvantaged). As part of scientific/environmental projects, we envisage school trips for example to monitor the levels of pollution by overflow from sewage works, agricultural run off and the presence of plastics).  For others, the estuary is a rich natural habitat and has extensive and visible industrial history.

Clean, green and environmentally friendly!

Our aim is that the project is used as a case study both regionally and nationally and will help to make a step change in electric transport in the UK. 

Get Involved

We Need Everyone


Whilst the project has secured some start up grants and funding, we do need more donations to get the service launched. If you would like to donate, then please click the donate button below.

Alternatively please contact us at

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Our work is never done, we can always use an extra pair of hands! One of the ways you can take part is by Volunteering. Spread the word about all that Yealm Community Electric Transport is doing, and help us gain the support we need.

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Our Plans

We are very pleased to say that we have successfully recruited a highly experienced Boat Master and are building a team of willing volunteers!

We have acquired a flat-bottomed aluminium boat .  It will have a front-loading ramp and look like a landing craft.  It will be powered exclusively by an electric outboard motor. (rechargeable from a pedestal charging point).  It will be certified as safety compliant by the relevant authorities.


It is manufactured by HasKamp, a Dutch firm as, sadly, no English companies could provide a craft at a sensible price.  All operators of the craft will be fully trained and certified by the relevant authorities.

The boat is Haskamp 700 aluminium boat.  It has a front-loading ramp and looks like a landing craft.  It is powered exclusively by an electric outboard motor (rechargeable from a pedestal charging point).  It will be certified as safety compliant by the relevant authorities and all operators will be fully trained and certified.

The Latest updates from our Facebook Page....

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Ready to make an impact? Contact us to learn how we can begin working together or if we can help with any further information.

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