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Introducing TPD: The Era of the Electric Water Taxi on the River Yealm

The tranquil waters of the Yealm River have long been a cherished spot for locals and visitors alike, offering a serene escape amidst the bustling pace of modern life. Now, with the dawn of the 2024 season, the chapter of eco-friendly transportation continues with the launch of the TPD electric water taxi.

Electric Water Taxi

Formerly known as EVY, this eco-conscious vessel has been renamed in honour of the late chairman of YCET (Yealm Community Electric Transport), Paul Darlow, whose vision and dedication paved the way for sustainable initiatives in the area. The renaming of the water taxi to TPD serves as a poignant tribute to his legacy and commitment to environmental stewardship.

Operating daily between 8 am and 10 am, as well as from 4 pm until dusk, TPD offers a convenient and environmentally friendly mode of transportation along the picturesque Yealm River.

In addition to its regular schedule, TPD complements the existing water taxi service, which operates between the hours of 10 am and 4 pm.

What sets TPD apart is not only its eco-friendly propulsion system but also its commitment to enhancing the experience of exploring Yealm River. In addition to providing transportation, TPD will offer curated trips, allowing passengers the opportunity to delve deeper into the wonders of the river and its surrounding areas.

Whether you're a nature enthusiast eager to spot local wildlife, a history buff intrigued by the area's rich heritage, or simply someone seeking a peaceful journey along the waterways, TPD promises an unforgettable experience.

As we embark on continuing this chapter on sustainable transportation, we invite you to join us aboard TPD and discover the beauty and tranquillity of the River Yealm like never before. Let TPD be your gateway to exploring the reaches of this wonderful natural treasure, and together, let's continue to embrace and preserve the beauty of our environment for generations to come.

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